Your real son did come back — he came back and he showed you his real self and you killed him for it! (requested by thefirstrisenisbeautiful)

#imagine that though   #the boy you loved so much that you ended your own life because you just couldn’t live without him comes back   #you both come back and you have this new chance   #a new chance to have what you could have had before you both died   #and you get it into your head that things are going to be okay different this time around   #and then it all gets ruined   #what you could have had is taken again by the same man’s ignorance   #but this time there’s no quick way out like before because you’re pretty much immortal   #and you’re stuck to live with that pain and anger forever and still the person who caused it doesn’t understand   #this show is one giant tragedy caused by ignorance   #this show is so painfully real (x)

#i just can’t handle people who hold up rick and simon side by side and are just like ‘WELL SIMON WINS’ #like fuck that they were both so troubled and they both loved kieren so much #they both had father’s who couldn’t accept them for who they came back as (who they really were) #literally the only difference between them is that simon’s dad threw simon out #and rick’s dad KILLED HIM #simon didn’t kill kieren which YES MY HEART SIMON I LOVE YOU #but RICK DIDN’T KILL KIEREN EITHER #THAT’S WHAT HE WAS SUPPOSED TO DO #LIKE DO PEOPLE NOT REALIZE #THAT SIMON AND RICK’S STORIES PARALLEL EACH OTHER? #the prophet was telling simon to kill kieren: and he held a knife and saw kieren about to be shot and SAVED HIM #bill was telling rick to kill kieren: and rick tried to warn kieren and when that didn’t work #he put himself in harms way #JUST LIKE SIMON #HE TOOK OF HIS MAKE UP AND HE WALKED INTO THAT LIVING ROOM AND HE GAVE HIS DAD SOMEONE ELSE TO KILL OTHER THAN KIEREN #LIKE JUST #DON’T PRETEND LIKE RICK DIDN’T LOVE KIEREN OKAY #HE WAS SCARED HE WAS SO SCARED AND HE MADE MISTAKES #BUT HE LOVED KIEREN AND HE /DIED/ PROTECTING KIEREN FROM HIS OWN FATHER

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Anonymous asked: can i be educated as to why his characterization was wrong?


  1. "We have orders. We should follow them." Steve. Steve Rogers. Steve "well looks like I have to go behind enemy lines to go save my best friend and company and you can’t tell me otherwise" Rogers. Steve "sixth time is the charm at the carnival recruiting office" Rogers. I’m not buying it, Joss.
  2. "I get that reference." We all know that Steve was under ice for 70 years, thus he missed a lot. He keeps a notebook of things he should look up, sure, but for him to be like HEY EVERYONE THE OLD GUY GOT THIS doesn’t strike me as believable. It seems like a shoddy shot at comic relief at Steve’s expense. Steve Rogers is the guy who takes the confused look on someone’s face and explains the reference to them, not the guy who points out that he understood it.
  3. "We need a plan of attack!" because jumping out of an airplane before you get to your destination, while being fired at, and trying to single handedly complete a rescue mission with a handgun and a metal shield is definitely backing this line of thought up.
  4. Let’s start with that stick of his. It may be magical…" "is that what just happened" and "seems to be powered by some sort of electricity" remind me of painting Steve as the naive, less intelligent younger brother that everyone gets tired of explaining everything thing to. Steve has a vocabulary. Steve Rogers grew up with electricity. He knows what it is. Steve Rogers also could have just said that it worked like the Hydra weapon, except there are these unnecessary comments to make Steve seem less than everyone else. I hate that whole scene.
  5. "What’s the matter? afraid of a little lightning?" since when does Steve mock other people like that? Sure, he was smarmy towards the Red Skull ("Nothin’. I’m just a kid from Brooklyn" "So why are you running?") but they’re retaliations. He doesn’t start that sort of thing. That’s Tony’s job.
  6. The whole “there’s only one God, ma’am” thing. It just seems so proper and Steve isn’t really proper or good with women, especially ones he’s just met. He doesn’t call Peggy ma’am when he’s conversing with her, he fumbles over “dame, woman, agent.” He also doesn’t seem the kind to bring God into things, even when Schmidt was “harnessing the power of the gods.” The whole line/situation irked me, and that just might be more subjective than objective, so you can ignore this point if you think it has too much fallacy in it.
  7. Steve always comes up one quip short with Tony. Continually. That might just be a nit-picky thing, but I don’t like it. Smart-mouthed Steve Rogers doesn’t keep playing into somebody’s hand the way he does with Tony. Steve is used to bantering with people- with Bucky, with the people who beat him up - he doesn’t back down with “one more wisecrack out of you” or any of that.

If you like Whedon’s characterization of Steve, that’s fine. You are welcome to your opinion, just as I am to mine. I wouldn’t say his characterization is poor more than it is wrong. 


fave adventure time couples <3 (human au ahahah)

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Freckle Friday | Angry freckled Cecil.


Freckle Friday | Angry freckled Cecil.



sandor n’aurait pas dû laisser joffrey regarder france 2

Je n’arrive plus à respirer putain. C’est parfait. C’est juste parfait.

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It’s been a while since I’ve seen this without its rebuttal and WOW IT IRRITATES ME JUST AS MUCH NOW AS IT DID THEN. Not because of the mention of the age and generational gaps - I think about that a lot, in point of fact - but because of… well…. Everything else. Because I don’t think you thought this through. 

Did you even see Avengers? Did you even see the way he interacted with his fellows and the world around him? Did you not see the eleventy-five punching bags he’d gone through before Fury found him? Christ, come on. This is a man who thought he was dying to save the United States from exactly what the US government then turned around and did to Japanese civilians in Hiroshima and Nagisaki. The first fucking thing he asked at the end of Cap:TFA in the original scene was “did we win”. Fury’s “Hell yes, unconditional surrender” encompasses so much about the difference between the modern American perspective of WWII and the reality that Steve is acquainted with. 

He would have looked that shit up. He would have read about it. He would have seen what had happened and my god can you imagine the sense of betrayal? Can you imagine what he would have gone through, seeing what came in the wake of the Second World War? Can you imagine the way his heart would have been wrung out by the histories of the war that have been written since then? Pointing out all the mistakes, all of the lies, all of the half-truths used by politicians to further their own agendas during wartime? The war he fought was a partial fiction. It doesn’t matter if he hasn’t heard of Watergate. It doesn’t matter if he didn’t live through Korea or Vietnam or Afghanistan - yes he will always be on the side of the soldiers, but he would never deny anyone the right to protest. And he would not, has never, been a blind follower of political dogma. Who do you think he is? Half of his original film is “Steve disobeys orders to get shit done”. 

He is not. Naive. How the hell could he be, growing up in New York City during Prohibition and the Great Depression? He was at the ground floor of poverty in one of the most violent non-war periods of American history. He was an orphan during a time when orphanages were overflowing and families dumped their kids because they couldn’t afford to feed them. His entire life, from his father to his own enlistment, has been steeped in war. He’s not equipped for peace. What he is equipped for is politics, much as he would probably hate to admit it - he worked the political circuit for months under Senator Brandt before he ever got to the front lines. He snubbed the man at his own award ceremony because he was tired of being used as a political tool. He was the leader of an integrated unit in a military that would not sign integration into law until 1948.

I repeat: he is not, and has never been, a blind follower of political dogma. He can comprehend that shit just fine. America has not “grown up”. Steve does not “only understand how war can save”. He lost friends to war. He lost family. He lost his entire world to the sacrifice he made for the sake not of war but for the sake of protecting humanity. It doesn’t matter if he “understands” what America is now - he’s the same person he always has been, someone who fights for the betterment of his surroundings and the for the lives of the people in those surroundings. He might not understand all of the politics but he knows his duty, and his duty is and always has been to the people, not the government. 

Captain America in the modern day is a punchline for a political joke. He looks around and sees people calling themselves patriots while they stock up on guns and sees Americans disgusted with their home instead of on the streets protesting its decay. God, he would rejoice at protest, he would thrive, because it would mean that people care enough to do something. To borrow from something I’ve written before, there are no fireside chats, no illusion of closeness with the elected ruling body. Steve looks around him and sees a world that doesn’t want what he was, that has dismissed, demeaned, and devalued him as a tool of propaganda and hawk mentalities. Seventy years have muddied his title with misuse and abuse and he’s left with the refuse of politicians and protesters smeared across his shield in generations of battles he wasn’t around to fight.

And since we’re bringing comics into this, how many times has he called out the American people for being sheep, or blind, or willing to compromise if it means they stay comfortable? He’s said himself “America is nothing, a flag is a piece of cloth”. He’s called himself “a man without a country”. Yes, he embodies the American ideal, but here’s the thing: it’s an ideal that has never been achieved. Ever. Not in his day, and not today. He has always, always, been a tool of political commentary and rebellion against the government when that rebellion serves the ideals of freedom and justice. That’s who he is. So yes, the generation gap is interesting - but not, god, not for the reasons you posit it would be.

Cap 2: Steve brings down fucking SHIELD. End of that “Steve is a naive waif rah-rah government” bullshit.

In Captain America comics, Steve was defrosted in the 60s, and you know what? He protested against the Vietnam War, gave up his costume and mantle multiple times in disgust, and his closest friends were Jewish (Bernie), gay (Arnie), black (Sam)—long before mainstream deemed it acceptable. These tags were grossly inaccurate in the MCU, and they’re grossly inaccurate in the comics from which everything originated.

right at the beginning of the Avengers Steve is resisting joining SHIELD, and as soon as Bruce and Tony give him an idea about the Tesseract, he goes searching through the Helicarrier to find the weapons, Steve is not just following because Erskine helped him become more than just a soldier. Look at Steve’s WW2 career, he was always going against regs and driving his superiors f*** crazy. Speaking of generation gap, Steve is 27 to Tony’s 40s (in the films) so Steve still has optomism, but it’s not blind, and Tony brings maturity (believe it or not) and experience with the modern world, and that’s what makes Cap and Iron Man a kickass team.


Gimme Some C12H22O11 Baby!" is all finished!  I’m really proud of this fanart since I wasn’t sure how I was gonna complete it but I somehow managed!

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I have never drawn her before.


I have never drawn her before.

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